SunDried Tomato

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If you're looking for something more "out of the box" in the realm of bacon flavors, our Sun-Dried Tomato bacon is just what you need. The uniquely sweet flavor of fresh sun-dried tomatoes pairs amazingly with our Hickory Smoked bacon to bring you the next big thing in bacon. Now that we've added the tomato right to the bacon, you can avoid the unavoidable spurt of tomato juice from your BLT's and bacon burgers. Not only is this bacon convenient, it's one of our favorite flavors! 14 oz. package.

What makes our bacon so special? We love to brag about our bacon, so we're glad you asked! Although not all our selections are prepared the same way, our noteworthy selections are hand-rubbed and use a curing process that dates back to the time of the mighty Romans. That's right, our bacon is as awesome as a Roman Soldier. Our process extracts the water to ensure that each package is purely bacon, unlike grocery store bacon that is injected with water to pork up the weight.