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Our BAC'N bacon selection includes the classics to the uncommon. Each variety was chosen to offer discriminating bacon lovers the best quality and unique taste opportunities. Seldom is heard a complaint about the taste of bacon, but we strive for the extraordinary bacon experience. 

We offer primarily dry-cured country bacon in a wide range of flavors. The majority of bacon in the US is injected, also known as pumped, with water during the curing phase. But you won’t find pumped bacon in our assortment. Most of our bacon is dry-cured, an ancient process often foregone in the modern day of mass production. The dry-cure process takes much longer, often weeks, as compared to minutes to inject/cure, but in our experience a dry-cured bacon results in better flavor and slices of bacon that don’t shrink during cooking. 

The next step toward pork belly perfection is smoking the bacon with hardwoods like Maple, Hickory or Applewood. Some of our bacon is also flavored further with hand-rubbed spices after the bacon is smoked. Exotic blends like Maplewood Smoked Cinnamon, Chipotle Southwestern or Sun-Dried Tomato as well as some more traditional flavor rubs like  Hickory Smoked, Peppered or Applewood Smoked. 

Check out the bacon varieties in our bacon category and we think you'll find at least one flavor that speaks to you (or to your belly). Taste the difference that time and experience adds to our BAC'N Bacon and we think you’ll agree that it’s worth it.