Bac'n Breakfast Bundle

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Product Overview

This breakfast blowout has everything you need for a delicious breakfast including artisanal hickory smoked bacon, Bac'n premium maple bacon coffee, Bac'n premium maple pancake mix (just add water!) and a pack of true bacon bits to pork up the pancakes.

Bac'n hickory smoked bacon, truly magical pork, is dry cured meaning there's no water added to the pork belly during the curing process. So much bacon is wet cured and pork belly is often injected with water during this process, adding weight to the pork that will literally evaporate or splatter away during cooking. After curing the bacon is smoked using hickory chips to give it the delightful flavor and awesome aroma as you fry up this bacon. The hickory compliments the maple flavor in the coffee. Bac'ns premium maple bac'n coffee comes in whole bean form for optimal freshness at brew time when you'll enjoy the smoky bacon flavor. Finally, the Boss Hog bacon bits are a great accompaniment to the pancakes and more. Don't think bacon bits, but as crumbled bacon, because that is precisely what it is. This is not bacon flavored, THIS IS BACON!

Great for a family feast or gathered around a campfire, this is how breakfast should taste! 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review