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Chocolate Brownie Flavored with Bacon - 6pk
Chocolate Brownie Flavored with Bacon - 6pk - Click to Enlarge

Chocolate Brownie Flavored with Bacon - 6pk

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Product Description
Our Bacon Brownies are the perfect combination of savory-meat and sugary-sweet. When Mr. Tough Guy find himself in the middle of a dainty sugar craving, but still wants to leave his masculine image intact, he can reach for one of our Bacon Brownies. They're loaded with chunks of meaty bacon and pack a fudgy, chocolate punch. Have one with a glass of milk... just what a growing boy needs! This box includes 6 Bacon Brownies, the perfect serving size for any bacoholic. Obey the meat!

Three - 2.5oz BrowniesWhat happens when fudgy, chocolatey goodness meets savory, meaty bacon? Bacon Brownies happen! Yes, you heard that right: a brownie filled with chunks of everyone's favorite meat candy bacon. Mmm. Open a pack of these rich, indulgent brownies whenever you need to get both your chocolate fix and your bacon fix, without having to dirty any pans or do any dishes! Warm it up in the microwave and serve with a cold glass of milk or a cup of hot chocolate. Or, for a truly adult indulgence, pair it with your favorite red wine or chocolate stout beer. Sometimes you need to live sinfully! This box includes 6 Bacon Brownies.

Six - 2.5oz Brownies