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Bacon Flavored Hard Candies

Bacon Flavored Hard Candies

Sugar Sweet Treat with the Bold Flavor of BACON!

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Product Description
Unfortunately this item will be out of stock for the holiday season, but we have other Bacon Flavored Candies that are just as enjoyable!

The beautiful thing about candy is that it comes in so many different flavors. If you like cherries, you can eat a cherry flavored candy. If you like grapes, pick a grape candy. If you want lemon... well, not very many people like lemon. But if you like bacon, eat a bacon candy! Yep, that's right. These little red and white striped candies taste just like sweet bacon. And without all the grease! They come in individually wrapped (12) little bite sizes. And since they also come in a fancy little tin, you can put them on your desk at work for others. Or put them on your Grandmother's coffee table as a decorative and delicious treat! Although, you may want to warn Granny first.